Trail Blazers: 3 trades the Trail Blazers should pursue after December 15

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The Trail Blazers have had a mixed start to the month of December. The addition of Carmelo Anthony has helped this squad, not only has Melo been a feel good story but his presence has helped lift this team to four wins in their last six games.

Melo’s hasn’t papered over all the cracks though. The lack of bench scoring, inability to finish at the rim and the perimeter defense are all still worries for this team. Come December 15, the Portland Trail Blazers should still look to make moves to get one more difference maker.

This Trail Blazers team has shown marked improvement in the last two weeks, though this is a positive, they are still lacking in a couple of key areas.

Bench scoring and perimeter defense are their biggest problems. Fouling because of a lack of size, they rank in the bottom two or three teams when it comes to sending the opposition to the line. Though Kent Bazemore has a reputation of a great defender he has only been passable on this end of the court due to his excessive fouling.

Bazemore does get a lot of steals but his lack of offense this year means its hard for him to stay on court just for his defense. Bazemore can’t bear the full brunt for the defensive issues. The main problem this team has is a lack of large wing defenders. Though Rodney Hood isn’t a great defender, at 6-foot-8 he at least had great size to defend the Kawhi Leonard‘s and Paul George‘s of this world.

With Hood now gone for the season they are a in a tight spot. The bench rotation issues are along the same lines. A lack of either defensive stoppers or players who can knock down shots is hurting the continuity of the starting unit.

With Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum in their primes, they can’t afford to waste this year. Trades need to be made to keep this team competitive and provide some ballast for a playoff run.

Here are three trades that would use the expiring salaries as filler.

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