Is Damian Lillard the greatest Trail Blazer of all-time?

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Damian Lillard is one of the best players in the league. After being drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers in 2012, he has made every post a winner by seemingly elevating his game every year. Some great players have worn a Trail Blazer uniform over the years, so where does Lillard rank all-time in Rip City?

The Mount Rushmore of Trail Blazer basketball has two distinct characters head and shoulders above everyone else. Damian Lillard and Clyde Drexler. Though there have been others with shorter careers who may get consideration like Bill Walton and LaMarcus Aldridge, none have had the consistency of being a top player in the league for so long.

What sets Drexler and Lillard apart from other Blazers in history is the longevity of their greatness. Lillard is now in his eighth season, with each season greater than the last. Lillard has a claim to be one of the best guards in the west each year. His consistent volume scoring combined with strong play-making has made him a top ten MVP candidate on multiple occasions.

Drexler on the other hand, didn’t play his whole career for the Trail Blazers but had 12 excellent seasons before being traded to the Rockets. At his peak he was also an MVP candidate. Great scoring alongside strong rebounding and play-making had him as the lead guy on some excellent Blazers teams in the 90s.

As it stands now, which of these two can claim to be the greatest Blazer of all-time?

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