The Clipper game will provide all answers for Trail Blazers

This may be the most bizarre Trail Blazers season I’ve witnessed since my fandom started around a decade ago, and I’m all in for it.

Carmelo Anthony is now the starting power forward for the Trail Blazers which is something I NEVER thought I’d say, but he’s truly been exceptional and was just named western conference player of the week.

The slow start from the Trail Blazers has been reshaped into something that feels unique. An NBA season in Portland usually doesn’t come with major headlines, yet all eyes are on Rip City at the moment.

The Trail Blazers head to Los Angeles Tuesday night to face the Clippers in what will be their first test since the Carmelo Anthony eruption.

In the previous matchup between the two, the Clippers won by a slim margin in what was an exhilarating contest that was decided in the final possessions, but everything is different for both sides since then.

The Clippers were without Paul George and the Trail Blazers hadn’t acquired Melo yet which completely alters the dynamic of the game. The two bring so much excitement to the table and add to the narrative that this game will provide.

This game is beyond important for the Blazers. It’s nationally televised and it’s time to let the usual doubters know that this team isn’t folding anytime soon.

The season feels to have taken a turn in the right direction. The win streak has reached three and if it gets to four then watch out for the Trail Blazers.

The matchup with the Clippers comes at a perfect time. The momentum is through the roof and it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase this new look Melo-era Blazer team.

This game doesn’t come as a must-win for Portland, but it’s critical they compete. It’s their toughest test to date and I’m not sure I’ve ever been so amped for a regular-season game before.

It’s Dame, CJ, and Melo up against Kawhi, PG, and the almighty Clippers. A dream Tuesday night for any NBA fan looking for a little entertainment.

Expect a plethora of celebrities’ court side, a rowdy Clipper fan base, and a playoff intensity in Los Angeles Tuesday night.

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