CJ McCollum named new NBPA Vice President (2018-2020)

The NBPA recently announced via Twitter its new Vice President – CJ McCollum.

Lost in the hubbub of All-Star weekend, the National Basketball Players Association named CJ McCollum as its newest Vice President.

CJ joins LeBron James (First Vice President), Andre Iguodala, Anthony Tolliver, Carmelo Anthony, Stephen Curry, Garrett Temple and Pau Gasol as the vice presidents of the executive committee.

The president of the Players Association is Chris Paul. He replaced Derek Fisher in 2013 in an attempt to rebuild the NBPA “cloaked in turmoil.”

Each team also has a player representative plus an alternate. McCollum was Portland’s team rep, but alternate Damian Lillard will take his place as CJ is promoted.

The last impactful use of these player representatives came during the 2011 lockout. The league called all 30 reps to discuss updated negotiations involving the lockout, but an agreement failed to be reached.

The fourth lockout in NBA history concluded over a month after this mandatory meeting involving the individual team reps.

CJ McCollum’s off-court involvement

Even before becoming Vice President, CJ McCollum was very involved off the court for the NBA.

Most of the time, he’s putting his journalism degree from Lehigh University to use.

For example, both he and Dame were snubbed in All-Star Weekend 2017. Instead of staying home, CJ put his journalism major from Lehigh University to use. He made appearances on several podcasts and sat down with fellow players for a casual interview.

McCollum also interviewed NBA Commissioner Adam Silver prior to draft night. The 2018 draft marked his fourth consecutive year interviewing Silver. They discussed several major topics, including White House visits, gambling, marijuana and more.

Finally, this summer, CJ travelled to Africa alongside Basketball Without Borders. Many players made the trip and played in the third annual NBA Africa game. Outside the game, he and the other players built houses in Ethiopia for the host program.

Now, as an NBPA Vice President, CJ will up his league involvement away from the hardwood. His resume only improves with accomplishments like this.

But his off-court achievements won’t stop there. CJ McCollum will hopefully bring true journalism talent to player-focused media outlets (like TNT’s Players Only) once he retires.

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