C.J. McCollum ranked as No. 6 shooting guard in NBA 2K18


NBA 2K18’s release is swiftly approaching. Their Twitter account released the top 10 players per position, and C.J. McCollum only came in as the No. 6 shooting guard.

Adding to Portland’s résumé of being overlooked, C.J. McCollum has the sixth-highest overall among shooting guards.

He’s an 86 overall, three less than backcourt pal Damian Lillard.

Player overalls aren’t very reflective of how the player performs in real life. Rankings are adjusted throughout the season based on better or worse play.

What’s worrisome of C.J.’s overall is the comparison with fellow shooting guards.

Of course, James Harden takes the top spot at a 95, followed by Jimmy Butler and Klay Thompson at 90 (Klay higher than Dame?). DeMar DeRozan is close behind with an 89.

Those top four shouldn’t be questioned, but the rest of the list is debatable.

Bradley Beal is ahead of C.J. McCollum. That should upset everyone who considers themselves a Portland Trail Blazers fan.

Look at the stats from last season: 3J averaged 23 points, 3.6 rebounds and 3.6 assists per game while shooting 48-42-91 (field goal – three-point – free throw percentages).

Beal, very similarly, averaged 23.1 points, 3.1 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game while shooting 48-40-82.

They both hit almost three 3-pointers a night, along with tallying nearly a steal per game.

Clearly the differences in numbers are slim to none. Therefore, Beal and McCollum should have the same overall in 2K18. Changing C.J. to an 87 would be more reflective of his play.

Having Avery Bradley ahead of Dwyane Wade is also interesting. Wade may be aging, but Bradley didn’t play a major role in Boston’s offense.

They’re both marginally ahead of Khris Middleton, too, who missed more than half of last season. It took him until the final regular season games and a Jabari Parker injury to return to his 2015-2016 play.

Watch for C.J. McCollum’s rating to rise during the season, and maybe even pass Bradley Beal.