Jason Quick: Ad patches being discussed for new Blazers jerseys


So, Blazers fans, how do you feel about ad patches on the new Blazers jerseys that will soon arrive?

Monday afternoon Blazers insider Jason Quick dropped that Portland president Chris McGowan is in talks about ad patches next season:

Now, Portland wouldn’t be the first team to pursue this. In fact, they’d join a list — currently at eight — that’s only growing.

The trend started with Philadelphia and StubHub, who are giving the ticket outlet jersey real estate next season. Then came the Nets, Kings, Celtics, Jazz, Cavs, Magic and T’Wolves.

(You can read up more on the teams and their partners from Business Insider here.)

Fan reaction to the Quick tweet was basically all negative. And really, that’s not a surprise.

First the Rose Garden, now this?

Blazers fans already lost the Rose Garden, as the famed arena became the Moda Center.

(I personally like the Rose Garden name so much more. The Rose Garden is where Brandon Roy, my favorite Blazer, dominated after all.)

Getting used to ads on jerseys will be a task for any NBA fan; and this Portland fans we’re talking about, the most die-hard in the league.

Portland loves its local products, and loves its Blazers. The negative reception to the talks is expected, especially since it’ll be a big change if it comes. And, based off Quick’s tweet, it seems ads really are coming.

Portland shouldn’t just settle for the best money; rather, the Blazers should go for a sponsor fans can get behind. The fans will be the ones buying these things, so who they’d like (or at least not mind) as a sponsor I hope is taken into account.

The Sixers are planning to sell jerseys with ads at their team store, but not from major outlets.

Saying I could see Portland-based fans happy about buying a jersey in the Moda with any ad on it would be a lie. If the ad is somewhat sufferable, it makes that choice a little easier, at least.