Report: Blazers to sign Andre Miller

ESPN reports it and Jason Quick has confirmed that the Portland Trail Blazers and Andre Miller are very close to a deal to bring the guard to the Rose City. ESPN has reported that the deal is for 3 years, $21 million. $14 million of that is guaranteed with a team option for the third year.

We’ll have more as the days go on. Kevin Pelton could not have said it any better on his twitter page when he stated the following:

“Andre Miller is a very good player. Unfortunately, he happens to be all wrong for the Blazers.”

I’ve always stated that Andre Miller being ‘the move’ this summer would be a disappointment. And on the eve of said event, my gut feelings have not let me down. It’s going to take a little bit of time for this blogger to gather his emotions and think about this one clearly. Maybe Coup will be able to straggle something together but right now my day has been altered. I know it can work…I just have so many questions floating around in my head. Do not confuse this with me downgrading his talent, nor me saying that Miller in Portland couldn’t work. Just understand the disappointment.

UPDATE 3:56 ET: The Blazers met with David Lee this week to discuss various ways of getting him to Portland. Nothing has happened as of yet, but I wonder if a sign-and-trade might still be worked out.

But the Knicks and Portland could not agree in discussions Thursday on any kind of a sign-and-trade deal, and the Blazers did not want to risk losing Miller over the seven-day waiting period had they chosen to use their cap space to tender an offer sheet to Lee, which New York would have had the right to match.

More as we find it.

UPDATE: Marc Spears at Yahoo! Sports confirming that Miller has accepted the 3-year offer (team option on final year).

UPDATE: Jason Quick also confirms both the Miller signing and the Lee discussions:

Bartelstein said the Blazers explored a sign-and-trade with the Knicks, but New York president Donnie Walsh recoiled at the offers. Meanwhile, Lee’s camp had questions about his role on the Blazers, who have a solid front line with LaMarcus Aldridge, Greg Oden and Joel Przybilla. The Blazers also were wary of Lee’s restricted status, which would allow New York to match any offer. It was the same scenario the Blazers encountered last week when Utah matched a four-year, $32 million offer for Paul Millsap.

If the Blazers can still find a way to S&T for Lee, the Miller move looks much better than it would on it’s own. I’ll post reactions to the move later tonight, but keep in mind that much of it is going to depend on what happens next (and something has to happen next).

UPDATE 5:16 ET: David Aldridge also says it’s a done deal:

The Blazers wanted someone who would be a perimeter threat, feeling that Roy and Aldridge needed that. That’s not Miller’s game; he’s just a career 21 percent 3-point shooter, making just 34 threes in the last five seasons.

Tempted to reserve judgment on everything until the next trade is made, but seeing as how that could be in October, I’ll have something up tonight.