The Case for Turkoglu

In case you missed by plea for Hedo Turkoglu yesterday, scroll down to the ‘Happy Memorial Day’ post and you’ll see my thoughts. Now comes this link from Empty the Bench (via Ball Don’t Lie) which discusses what comes next for Turkoglu. Writer Brendan K. O’Grady names three possible destinations and I’ll give you a quick guess on what team is one of them:

“Portland Trailblazers: This could be the best fit possible for both Hedo and the Blazers. With Nate McMillan unable to establish a clear first option at the 3 between Nic Batum and Martell Webster, and the franchise still noncommittal to Travis Outlaw, Portland can turn a major question mark into a strong suit, trading out of a position filled by the team’s youngest players for a playoff tested veteran with enough good years left to stay productive while the rest of the team matures around him. This would also free up Portland for a number of possible options, such as moving Webster/Batum or letting Outlaw leave in free agency (rather than shell out a bigger payday for the athletic, but inconsistent, swingman.)

And, just like in Toronto and Detroit, Turkoglu could also compensate for the backcourt shortcomings of the Blazers, who currently rely on mercurial guards Steve Blake and Sergio Rodriguez. Adding Hedo makes another guy for the Blazers with range to the 3-point line that sees the floor like a point. Having another consistent option to carry the ball up court takes pressure off of Blake (or, if the franchise commits to him, Jerryd Bayless) and let’s them focus on making open shots. Hedo would also further free up Brandon Roy to play more as a true off guard while both players are on the floor. The added elements of versatility and experience would be invaluable to the Trailblazers.”

PREACH! I think i tried to say some of that yesterday, but that’s pretty good stuff right here. Sure he’s 30 and inconsistent and might have peaked…but still. Hedo with Portland would be nice. I didn’t want to copy-and-paste his whole part about Portland, but I ended up having too. There’s no one who could possibly tell me that signing Hedo or at least trying to sign Hedo would be a bad thing. Come on now people get on the Turkoglu Express!!