Bill Simmons thinks Blazers are overrated (kind of)

Figured I’d pass along this tidbit rom his chat today:

Matt (Olympia): Bill, What should the Blazers do to get themselves to the next level? They have something like 5 draft picks…can they package some of those to get a veteran? Who would you want to put with their core of BRoy, Aldridge and Oden(other than Durant)?

 Bill Simmons: I think their talent has been vastly overrated – they have 2 keepers (Roy and LA) and I’m not sold on anyone else on that roster except Rudy. Outlaw, Blake, Pryzbilla, Oden… these are all bench guys. I thought they made a serious mistake not using Raef’s contract to get a blue-chipper this year. They look better on paper than they actually are…

I’m not going to say much here, just wanted to pass it along. But….I struggle to see how a 54-win team can have ‘vastly overrated’ talent. There may be Blazer fans who think too highly of some of the players on this team (same across the league) but there is no denying this team is deep.

Any thoughts?