The Associated Press (2007)

Jack Ramsay, Hall of Fame Trail Blazers Coach in Hospice Care


Dr. Jack Ramsay, the man who led the Portland Trail Blazers to their only NBA Championship (1977) is now in hospice. He will be well cared for as he slows to a finish in his battle with the blood disorder that forced him to retire from radio commentating last May. Ramsay, 89, has struggled through various forms of cancer in his lifetime, but this appears to be the final curtain. He means so much to this city and basketball as a whole that his impending, permanent absence is difficult to swallow.


Yet, Ramsay will never be absent from our hearts and minds. He gave Portland the pride we carry still today. He is the Trail Blazers coaching archetype, whom all that have followed admire. He will live on through the fans, the players, and the organization. His legacy is undying. I encourage each of you to share your appreciation for him while the outpouring may still be relayed. The man deserves a proper send off. We love you, Dr. Jack.



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  • Draftdog

    Jack will always be dear to the hearts that watched him orchestrate the most lethal basketball machine I have ever witnessed. He had a unique talent in Bill Walton, but what he did with that talent was genius. The only point center in the game, all the half court offense went through Bill. The team was equally versed in fastbreak or half court offense and Bill was the initiator of each.