A History of Portland Trail Blazers Win Streaks

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Season: 2007-2008

Length: 13 games

Average Score: 103-93

How the Season Ended: Finished 41-41, missed the playoffs.

Best individual game: Brandon Roy had 26-8-9 on 11-13 shooting in an overtime game against Milwaukee. Noted evil person Andrew Bogut notched a -25 in the game. It was actually a really strange game– Portland outshot the Bucks 56% to 43%, but only won by 4 in overtime.

Player I had never heard of: Something called Taurean Green played 74 minutes that year and was never heard from again.

^Best Youtube Video: The only season Carmelo and Iverson played together, they both put up the most efficient seasons of their careers by true shooting percentage. That’s fascinating, and probably a useful case study in the arguments about the value of shot creators. Pity I wasn’t paying attention. Anyway, here’s AI and B-Roy trading buckets.

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