Rip City Project: Pilot video

Hey all -

I’m going to start doing some videos. Here’s our first one, talking really quick about the offseason, Coach Stotts, and predictions for the upcoming season. Let us know what you think!

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  • Keith Smith

    Always happy to hear more on Blazers, but not sure why we need a selfie-cam in the living room… Plus video in general seems a little much for another offseason summary, harder to digest than reading…

    • Brandon Goldner

      Thank you commenting! The biggest part that concerns me is the “harder to digest than reading” part. I will be moving to using my better camera and a microphone, and hell, I might even make a backdrop or something, but I want to ask what made it hard to digest? Was it poorly written, unpleasant to listen to, too fast/slow, or just not enjoyable in general`?

      The more specific you can be, the more helpful it would be.

      I really appreciate the feedback, so if you could target it even more that would be awesome! Thank you!

      • Keith Smith

        I’d say the hardest part wasn’t writing or pace, just hard to keep track for that long without some sort of visual cues/change up… Happy to give more feedback later, and thanks for your efforts!

        • Brandon Goldner

          OK, cool! I will work with it and see if I can add graphics. Never a bad time to learn video editing!

  • blazerfan808

    B, while you are quite the handsome gent, I’d appreciate the if the videos were not just your mug. I feel like I am watching a fan vlog. i like how sb nation has cut away footage, pictures, animations, and so forth. i’d say if you guys are gonna do video go hard and make it as professional as possible. decent cameras, editing, lighting, etc. appreciate the posts. aloha

    • Brandon Goldner

      Great suggestions. Sounds like from what I’ve heard (and from friends) that I need to use my good camera and good microphone and have editing in there too. I will work on it! Thank you!

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