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Lottery Results: Cleveland's Big Win Could Benefit Portland

The Cleveland Cavaliers have received the #1 pick in this year’s NBA draft lottery, with a 15.6% chance of doing so. This move bumped the Orlando Magic to 2nd, while the Charlotte Bobcats missed the top 3 entirely due to the surprise advancement of the Washington Wizards, who received the 3rd pick.

The Cavaliers were represented by Nick Gilbert, son of owner Dan Gilbert. Nick also represented the team when they received the 2011 #1 pick and future Rookie of the Year, Kyrie Irving.

This could turn out nicely for the Blazers, who received the 10th pick as expected, because Cleveland is likely to draft Kentucky center, Nerlens Noel. With a brand new, highly touted center, the Cavs may cling less tightly to current center, Anderson Varejao. Portland is looking to trade for an established big man and Cleveland is already interested in doing business with them in some capacity. The Blazers may be able to coax them into giving up Wild Thing.

Varejao was an All-Star caliber center this year, averaging 14.1 points and 14.4 rebounds per game, until a blood clot in his lung sidelined him for the latter half of the season. It was reported in late April that the Cavs were interested in Blazer forward, LaMarcus Aldridge, but were unlikely to give up Anderson Varejao in preliminary discussions. While I do not personally condone shopping LaMarcus at this juncture, it is possible that the Cavs would be willing to make a more reasonable offer, given their fortuitous situation. The Blazers are in great need of an established defensive center.

Although Cleveland received the top pick, the real winner of this year’s lottery is the Washington Wizards. Projected to receive the 8th pick, the Wizards jumped 5 places into the top 3, and are now in position to draft Georgetown small forward, Otto Porter. The Wizards were only a lottery team at all because their 2010 #1 pick, John Wall, missed 33 games this year while recovering from knee surgery. They now have the means to address their biggest need in style, and will likely make an appearance in the 2014 playoffs.

All in all, this worked out fine for Portland. Although they did not move up, the lottery has changed their off-season playing field, if only just a little. I’m rather content, myself, as I count myself among the minority Wizard fans. Congratulations to Cleveland and Washington, condolences to Orlando and Charlotte (seriously, how hard is it to be a Bobcat right now?).

1st pick

Cleveland Cavaliers

2nd pick

Orlando Magic

3rd pick

Washington Wizards

4th pick

Charlotte Bobcats

5th pick

Phoenix Suns

6th pick

New Orleans Pelicans

7th pick

Sacramento Kings

8th pick

Detroit Pistons

9th pick

Minnesota Timberwolves

10th pick

Portland Trail Blazers

11th pick

Philadelphia 76ers

12th pick

*Toronto Raptors

13th pick

Dallas Mavericks

14th pick

Utah Jazz

*Toronto’s pick goes to OKC as part of the Harden deal, because it was not in the top 3.

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