Mar 20, 2012; Portland, OR, USA; Former Potland Trailblazers guard Brandon Roy sits court side as the Blazers play the Milwaukee Bucks at the Rose Garden. This was the first time Roy had been back in the Rose Garden since abruptly retiring at the beginning of the season. Mandatory Credit: Craig Mitchelldyer-US PRESSWIRE

Blazers Give No. 7 to Training Camp Invitee, Coby Karl

The Oregonian’s Mike Tokito tweeted out that the Portland Trail Blazers have given away Brandon Roy’s illustrious No. 7 to their most recent, unproven training camp invitee, Coby Karl — the son of Denver Nuggets head coach, George Karl.

What’s even worse is that Roy’s response to the situation didn’t bode well for future ties between the two parties.

Yes, we all know it’s time for the Portland Trail Blazers to move on from the Brandon Roy-Greg Oden era, but is this the right way to go about it?

Is giving out the jersey number of the most respected players in franchise history to a kid who probably won’t even touch the floor during practice the way to handle the situation?

B-Roy gave his body — literally — for the Paul Allen and that Blazer administration, and the way you repay him is to use the amnesty provision and give his jersey number to, at best, a bench warmer?

Sure, Roy’s a T’Wolf now, and that’s bad for a number of reasons:

  • He’s still in the division, which mean’s we’ll see him four times next season.
  • He and PDX have now burned bridges.
  • His German knee procedure just added more years onto his career.

And it seems like Portland is digging itself into a bigger hole every time a scenario with their former superstar arises. But as a franchise, they have the responsibility, I believe, to give credit where its due and acknowledge the greatness that has carried the team on his knees since he was drafted.

This is doing the complete opposite.

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  • PainfullyUnaware

    You’re kidding with this post right? Portland didn’t burn bridges, Brandon did. Paul Allen owes nothing to him now. Brandon was the one who lied, in his OWN WORDS (you can see him saying he’s retiring, never playing again, EVER EVER EVER EVER in an interview with Quick from last December), and then in his press conference with Minnesota he lied about it (again see the interview), saying he never was the one who said retired, he never saw himself not playing basketball again, and it was the doctor who told him that (when Brandon was the one who asked the doctor first and kept his clicking knees to himself until the eve of training camp).

    This is on Brandon, no one else. The Blazers wanted to keep Brandon – he was the one that said he was retiring. He was the one that didn’t put in his retirement papers fast enough, or wouldn’t, despite saying he was retired, forcing Portland to amnesty him. He was the one who threw them under the bus while talking to the Minnesota media. He was the one who cost Paul Allen additional insurance money by coming back (you know, while lying and throwing Paul’s organization under the bus). And he did this after Paul offered him a job in the organization so he could start a new career and keep making money for his family, on top of the money he was making from his contract.

    This is on Brandon. Stop blindly worshiping an athlete who doesn’t get two licks about you or of the team of which we’re fans.

    • PainfullyUnaware

      And just so we’re clear, there is no precedent for that surgery adding years to Brandon’s career. Brandon’s knee situation is entirely different from everyone else who’s had it: They have one bad knee, Brandon has two completely shot knees.

      All this stuff about his knees feeling great, his body feeling great, him looking like him old self he’s been saying since he signed with Minnesota?

      He said it all last year before he retired, too. Nearly verbatim.

  • Zander

    It’s just a jersey number. I doubt Roy or anyone would be personally offended by that.

    And when we retire his number it won’t be until after he retires. He may have anywhere from 2-8 years left, very hard to estimate that, but even at the low end it’s far longer than I expect Coby Karl to be on the team.