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Larry Miller addressed the media in his official capacity for the first time since the start of the lockout. Verdict? It's all good. Photo courtesy of the Oregonian.

If you thought there was going to be any grace period between the tentative announcement that we might actually get a season and the re-birth of the Blazer media machine I hate to have to be the one to break this news to you. You were wrong.

Not directly on the heels of Monday’s spat of Brandon Roy related speculation, and also not a direct response to said speculation, the Blazers hosted their first official press conference Wednesday afternoon. Undoubtedly teams across the land were jumping at their first opportunity to address the press officially, but it’s unlikely many teams will come into the upcoming weeks with quite as much hanging over them as Portland.

The team is still without a General Manager, Paul Allen is suddenly a super villain in the eyes of NBA fans, Greg Oden’s rehabilitation continues to limp along, and of course Brandon”Amnesty” Roy. Team President Larry Miller addressed these issues in true Blazer fashion, meaning he danced around some of the harder questions and expertly put on the positive face.

Ben at Blazersedge has a full word-for-word transcript, but here’s a brief re-cap. Brandon will be in training camp, and interim GM Chad Buchanan committed the cardinal sin of calling a person at six in the morning. Greg Oden will not be ready to play by Christmas. The Blazers still don’t have a GM, and won’t have one for awhile. Portland will play a TBD home-and-home preseason against the Utah Jazz. And Paul Allen was unfairly victimized and we should all feel sorry for him. That, and a healthy Blazer roster can contend with any team in the league.

We’ve heard the positive spin before, and I wasn’t present at the presser so I can’t speak to whether or not Larry’s palms were sweating or he kept glancing at the ceiling when he positively spun his yarn. But this time I think I’m just going to go with it. I agree Larry, a healthy Greg and a healthy Brandon will be a really good thing. And I trust PA that whatever schnook he finds to replace Rich Cho will be the best guy for the job.

Let’s be honest guys, we have all season to complain about Larry Miller dodging questions and playing babe in the woods, and about Paul Allen just in general, and about how the Trail Blazers lack for convincing managerial leadership. Right now I’m happy enough that the league is back, and that at some point in the next 30 days there will be games, and that for now it looks like Brandon Roy is still a Blazer.

Isn’t it nice to be back?

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