Stein: Blazers sign Fabricio Oberto

ESPN’s Marc Stein reports that the Blazers have signed 35-year-old Argentine power forward/center Fabricio Oberto to a one-year contract. Details of the contract haven’t been disclosed, but it’s pretty safe to assume it will be for the veteran’s minimum. Given the team’s deficiency in the middle, this signing makes perfect sense, as it will give the Blazers a competent backup center to spell Marcus Camby until Greg Oden and Joel Przybilla return, and allow LaMarcus Aldridge to stay at power forward full-time.

Oberto’s numbers are nothing spectacular (3.2 PPG and 3.5 RPG in four seasons with San Antonio and one with Washington), but this deal was clearly made solely to have another warm body in the frontcourt. All implications are that Cleveland wanted more in return for Anderson Varejao than the Blazers were willing to trade, hence the Blazers are turning to the handful of serviceable big men still available in free agency to plug the gap at center.

The remaining question, of course, is who will get cut from the roster to make room for Oberto. Portland already has 15 players under contract for 2010-11, not counting training camp invitees Patty Mills and Raymond Sykes. My educated guess is that the Blazers will probably cut Jeff Pendergraph, who is out for the season with a torn ACL and whose contract isn’t guaranteed for next season. We will keep you updated as more details come out.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to the story. Still no word on who gets cut.

  • John

    Hi there,

    This is my first time coming here to comment. I’ve been a fan of Argentine basketball for many years. Therefore, I will be following the Trail Blazers much closely now that OBERTO will be playing for them.

    Many will find this deal some sort of negative move by the Blazers management by from my humble opinion, I think your team has a lot to gain from this transfer.

    Throughout the time since OBERTO played for the Spurs, he was always known to be a fantastic team player. He was always willing to do the dirty job so that others can produce and help the team win. I believe this is what the Blazers would really want from him for their organization.

    You guys have a great team, one that which I believe will be a Championship contender in a few years to come. Having OBERTO for just this season, will only help this team get there.

    Keep up the good work, you’re doing here.