Exit, Stage Left...

It’s weird to think I’ve known this day was coming, yet I’m still unprepared for it. I’ve known since July, when my buddy Coup decided he wanted to be like Dexter in Miami, that my days at RCP were headed towards the end. I still remember when he gave me the news, I just wanted to stop right then and there. I felt in my heart it wouldn’t be the same without him, because honestly he’s the one who got me into this in the first place. And here I am, months later, trying to write a farewell post and struggling to put words together.

Honestly, I’m not very good with goodbyes. I don’t really like doing them and often times I’m clumsy with them. If I go over to a party at someone’s house, or if I’m at a bar, I’m kind of known for just leaving when I want to leave. I don’t know why I do it, I guess it’s kind of rude, but it’s me. I never liked having to track someone down just to say bye, it felt pointless. But anyways, part of me wanted to introduce the new blood into RCP, keep posting and tweeting for a week, and silently disappear. But I guess I need to say a few words in my last post. I guess I kind of have to leave a mark on something I helped give birth to, even if this was never about me. Also, Coup won’t shut up about it.

It’s going to be tough to leave this little corner of the earth, and quite frankly I miss it already. I’m going to miss the interactions on twitter, being able to spark up a discussion instantly. I’m going to miss feeling a part of the basketball blogger community–it’s not always the most friendly, functional, but there’s an understanding between writers that can’t really be put into words. For three years, whenever I wanted to I could pound out a post about whatever I wanted. That kind of freedom and the joy it brings can’t really be matched.

I learned a lot doing this and I wouldn’t trade it for a lot of things in the world…except for a date with a celebrity. My only goal was to promote thoughtful discussion and to get other people’s perspectives on the game I loved. I wasn’t always right, not every post was brilliant or hell even good, but it was me and it’s something I’m proud of.

I just want to say thank you to any person who has come to this site, read our material, linked to us, commented us, tweeted us, etc. You have no idea what it meant to us. When we started this, it was never about getting noticed or fame or fortune or any of that. But the interactions we’ve had have been priceless. I’m thankful I’ve had this space for the past three years. I’m thankful it brought me and my buddy even closer than before.

I feel great about where this site is going to go, as you should be able to tell by the past few days. They’re gonna kill in ways I couldn’t imagine…I’m just blessed I was a part of something people even wanted to be a part of. Today is the day I get out of the way and I let the new blood take this platform to the next level. I hope you stay on board, farewell to you anonymous people whoever you are for letting me do my thing this whole time. Take me out Hov….

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind.
Hold your applause, this is your song, not mine.

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