Rudy Fernandez: not that mad anymore?

We’ve been here many times before during this off-season, so I’m sure you know the drill. HoopsHype delivers a translation or an interview from vaunted Spanish newspaper Marca with Rudy Fernandez. But here’s the twist….it’s….not…something….negative. Here’s the translation of what Rudy had to say:

“I think if Portland keeps my rights, that means they believe in me. I’m excited to begin the season with them and prove that I have my place on the team and play minutes. The most important thing is to grow as a player and as a person. I’m an NBA player and there’s not many people who can say that.”

Now of course, I’m taking a grain of salt because there’s always a chance someone told Rudy it might be a good idea to have good PR for once, but I disgress. This statement is almost the direct opposite of what his agent Andy Miller went ahead and said months ago….by the way he’s so fired right? This is the right attitude to have, it just sounds like Rudy went home and had a temper tantrum and now he’s over it. Kind of like that girlfriend or boyfriend that is tired of that relationship, thinks they are getting treated poorly, asks for a break and then after 3 unsuccessful weeks on the market begs their significant other to take them back. Ok, maybe not that extreme but you get my point.

I have no problem seeing Rudy back in a Blazer uniform. This entire time, despite some of the inflammatory comments, I had a feeling Rudy would be back at least to start the season. For one, the market for him simply was not there. The teams that were interested either didn’t have the pieces to make Portland happy in a trade, or went elsewhere to fill their perimeter needs. Secondly, I just never felt like the Rudy/Portland relationship had truly reached a toxic, unworkable, level. Despite Andy Miller’s comments, we had never truly heard anything negative come directly from Rudy Fernandez’ mouth.

So…for now, it seems as if this telenovela is over. Fernandez seemingly will play a big role for the Blazers this season, and seems to be motivated to prove his worth. It’s a win-win for the Blazers to be honest, because if he showcases his talents and his stock goes up there’s always the chance for a deal mid-season. If not, you get a heck of a player in your rotation.

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  • Brandon

    I love Rudy Fernadez im glad to see him back. People were giving him a hard time hopefully they can forgive his behavior because he is a great player. He had a bad year but I feel he will have another great year like his rookie year! Welcome back Rudy!

  • Mark

    I suspect that during his “temper tantrum”, Rudy said to Andy Miller “Get me out of Portland, no matter what.” And Miller went to the extreme to try to do so, probably to a fault. Obviously, Rudy deserves most of the blame, but I agree, he should fire Andy Miller.

  • sans

    The biggest thing for me is that the Blazers traded away everyone that was eating Rudy’s minutes….Martell Webster is rotting in Minnesota, and they dumped Trav and Blake (who was forcing Bayless to play the 2 when he got in the game; or worse the three point guard lineup) and now all Rudy has to do is beat out White Babbit to platoon himself as the first perimeter player off PDX’s bench.

    • SJ

      You’re forgetting about Wesley Matthews my friend. Rudy easily should be the 6th-8th man off the bench (unless you count Camby), but Matthews could gobble some of his minutes later in the season.

  • Randall

    What else can he say/do? Portland called his bluff, and his ace-high just didn’t cut it. Or maybe he just realized playing for a possible Western Conf. finalist is better than playing for _______ (fill in crap team of your choice).

    • SJ

      Good point Randall, the thing is during this whole thing he never had any sort of leverage. He struggled against the Suns which was fresh in everyone’s mind and also his first opportunity to carry the load. He wasn’t stomping a mudhole in everyone when he was with Spain and the market for him just wasn’t there.

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