Help Wanted: RCP Needs New Blood

And here it is. First off my apologies for the RCP being kind of dead right now. Half of that is the dog days of summer, a quarter of it is being tired of talking about Rudy Fernandez with people in love with him and the other quarter is my boy Coup is somewhere in MIA, pretending to be Dexter. His farewell post is below, and as you all know the RCP is looking for new blood to replace the void left by Mr. Moorhead.

When Coup told me about the job, I told him “Man how pissed would you have been if you didn’t get it and THEN LeBron left”. He might have moved to Cleveland. We talked for a while and at one point even discussed shutting this place down. That’s not fair to you the readers nor to us the creators. Maybe it’s because I had just seen Toy Story 3 (and since I’m being open, yeah I cried at one point) but I felt like we had to pull an Andy and pass our ‘toy’ on to someone else and let them have the same joy it brought us. I can honestly tell you I never once thought I would be a blogger…but for the past few years I have enjoyed it. Every comment, tweet, discussion, argument, link, whatever…it’s been an amazing ride.

All that out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Applications for writers can be sent to [email protected]. We’ve already had some top-notch people contact us so I’m pretty excited about this. Personnally, I’m blown away that people even view what I’ve always considered my tiny home as an ‘opportunity’. It should be known, we’re not just looking to hand this off to just anyone. Here is what we’re looking for:

A writing sample is necessary, either something you’ve published or something new you want to show us. That’s kind of the obvious part. We’re looking for talent. Credentials and experience are great and will gain points, but talent is key. It’s one part of the plan. A huge part is looking in the hourglass and seeing what you want to do with it. We also want to see your potential ideas for the blog. Where do you see yourself taking this?  What new ideas do you have to bring the table? Why should we allow you to take the wheels and drive our….umm….Nissan Altima?

Passion: The RCP has never been about money or attention. It’s about a love for the game, putting in work for self-joy and to do it rather than needing glory. There’s a certain humble confidence we’re looking for. If you’re looking for money, attention, fame or any of that this isn’t the place. If you’re looking for a place to show your passion and skills, this is it.

Communication: You have to be able to communicate with whoever your partner will be. There has to be a certain interconnectedness for this to work, i.e. scheduling, willing to cover for the other person if something comes up, etc. You really have to work well with others. The RCP is not a one-person type show and you don’t have to be best of friends, but you have to be able to collaborate and make things work. One of our advantages I thought was our friendship which made this a more comfortable place for the both of us. It’s also half of the reason we’re looking for replacements because I think I’d struggle working with a new person (no offense).

Twitter: Need to at least have one person whose super into it, super in tune with it and always ready to tweet or re-tweet. I don’t think Coup or myself have had TweetDeck or UberTwitter closed for a long, long time. We milked 2 guys, 1 twitter for all it is worth. Writing for the RCP means you get the keys to the RCP twitter and everything…we definitely will not be handing those to just anyone.

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