Report: Knicks could be out of running for Rudy Fernandez

From the twitter of Newsday‘s New York Knicks beat writer Alan Hahn:

Source tells Newsday the Knicks have nothing Blazers want to make trade for Rudy Fernandez. POR wants 1st rnder. NY can’t offer until 2014.

More on Rudy Fernandez/Knicks scenario: NYK doesn’t want to give up Chandler, even to get a 3rd team involved to include pick.

Anthony Randolph works in 1-for-1 deal for Fernandez, but POR has abundance of wings as it is. Move Rudy for pick gets them under tax.

Continuing with the Rudy speculation on this Wednesday was this news from New York. On paper, Fernandez seems like a perfect fit for New York, and vice versa. As the Rudy talks drag on and more information leaks out, it seems clear Portland is looking to get a future first round pick in exchange for Rudy Fernandez. Obviously, New York cannot offer that for a while. Hahn speculated that a deal for Anthony Randolph would work (money wise) but I have a feeling there is no chance in you know what that the Knicks would give him up. The news of them not wanting to part ways with Chandler makes sense for them, but also brings up the question as to who exactly Portland would be targeting in return. Looking at the potential options it looks as if the Knicks would fall behind other teams in pursuit of Rudy.

Just messing with the Trade Machine for a few minutes, there really are not that many viable options from NYC. I doubt Portland wants Bill Walker and the Knicks seemingly wouldn’t give up Toney Douglas. As of now it looks as if Portland would need to get a third team involved to get Rudy to New York. An interesting fact about today is just speculating about trying to get Rudy to Boston or New York has opened my eyes about the difficulties of moving him and getting something in return. This is not a Sergio Rodriguez, get-rid-of-him, type situation. Fernandez has value and Portland recognizes that. I maintain that the Blazers won’t make a deal just to make a deal. The due diligence that the Blazers have been using so far is starting to make more sense.

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  • Lance

    I also read that no trade is happening until Sunday at the earliest per one report because Cho wants to talk it over with Nate before doing anything and they will be meeting up in Vegas this weekend.

    I hope this will not be Cho’s way of operating in the future meaning he feels the need to check with coaches or other staff before making deals because that could cost us in the future. Some deals need to be made when the iron is hot and if he has to wait days, maybe not in this case, in order to check, re-check, and check again those deals may be gone.

  • SJ

    I don’t have a problem with Cho and Nate talking this over, communication between a GM and Coach is key. Just speculating, I actually like that Cho is looking to make a deal that would fit both his AND Nate’s vision, instead of just making a deal to make a deal and hoping Nate can work it out. Also this Rudy thing is a kind of a different beast. I see your point, I just think it’s smart to not just come in and start gunslinging, you know?

    • Lance

      I agree they should work together and Cho, or any GM, should not stick a player with a coach w/o actually talking with him first (but I know that happens). I guess my premise was that Cho has already met and spoken with his staff and that the future plan is already in place since we got off to such a late start in the off season program. His words of how we are one or two key players away from contending was my premise for this. I assumed he had done a thorough game plan by using people in place.

      You make valid points, but I thought that part between them has already taken place. I guess they are not in as big of a hurry to meet up than us fans have hoped they would be.

      Good stuff. Thanks.

      • SJ

        No problem, thanks for commenting.

        Good point…this could just be double-checking to make sure everyone is on the same page, because this is not your every day average trade scenario.

        A main point about this Rudy situation, and this is purely an outside looking in perspective, but this does not seem like an ‘end of the world’ type of them. Rudy is frustrated and while Portland may be looking to deal him, it isn’t to the point where they HAVE to deal him. Follow me? That’s why a meeting between Cho and Nate can be pushed back, or time can be taken to even have the meeting. The Blazers have the luxury of the relationship with Rudy not being toxic and not having to move him for whatever they can get.