Adieu, auf wiedersehen, gesundheit, farewell...

What you’re reading now was, for weeks, a blank page staring at me. But deadlines tend to weigh those stiff fingers down on to the keys, and today was the day when I had to stop. Stop here, that is, at The Rip City Project, and there is seemingly no way to do it while escaping hints of self-importance.

Thanks to a grandiose smile from Lady Fortune, I am going to work for the Miami Heat, a position taken before, and made quite interesting by, the choices of a few others. I’ll be doing in Miami, not South Beach, many of the same things I did here, the first and foremost of which will be interacting with everyone and anyone — my favorite part of all. The basketball community, as dysfunctional as we can all be at times, is a joy to be a part of, and I hope to keep up our dialogue over at

But, incredibly grateful as I am for this opportunity, I inevitably must leave some things behind. And I’ve become quite attached to this writing space, once which came about quite slowly and clumsily over three years ago as SJ and I thought it would be neat to put our marathon text-conversations on the web. Then, every single unique visitor was a push forward, every comment a cause for celebration. To create something from that, with a very good friend, that is, well, read at all gives me a great deal of pride.

This was never about traffic or being recognized, though. It was about promoting thoughtful discussion about something I thought deserved it and that would never have happened without you, whether you’ve been here once, twice or a hundred times. Nor would it have happened without SJ, who will continue to be an incredible asset here, during a period of transition, and for a long, long time to the world of hoops.

Perhaps SJ’s greatest contribution, though, was reminding me that, like Andy giving up his toys, it was time to pass on this toy box in theoretical space to someone else rather than let its contents linger in the corner of a new home, alone and unplayed with. This is an opportunity for you and I hope you contact us with interest and ideas, because at the very least we can offer you a head start in this complicated web game. I hope you can make this place even better.

Whether or not you want to take over, whether you liked this place or not, whether you gave us the time of day, returned our emails or supported us in ways you never had to, even if we were meant to compete, thank you. That’s for every @ reply, every comment, every visit, every chat, every opportunity. I’m not much for naming names, in part because I still do not know the names of many of those who have helped us with a simple click, but thank you. And so, in the interest of time, to borrow a line from a short, kindly adventurer, I bid you a very fond farewell. I hope to see you elsewhere soon. Goodbye.

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  • Nathan

    *Fist Bump* Keep rockin’ Coup. Hate to see you leave, love that your moving on up.

  • Nathan


  • Lance

    I am new to this site, but you and I have had some good back & forth dialogues over Blazer topics and I have truly enjoyed them. I guess our loss is their gain. Good luck to you in the future and I just wanted to add that it is great to see someone take a dream and go with and seeing it pay off.

    • Coup

      Much obliged, sir. It’s been great having you as a reader. I really hope you stick around for whoever comes in after me. they’d be lucky to be able to have conversations with you.

  • SethJohnston

    Never surprised by your success, much deserved. I look forward to you making the constant Heat exposure more tolerable for us all.

    • Coup

      I’ll do my best, and thanks very much. I still owe you a sabonis watch, once he, you know, does something. I started and scrapped that thing about 10 times.

  • mookie

    This is fantastic news Coup! Congratulations. I’ve always thought (and occasionally mentioned) that the stuff that you guys do here is severely underappreciated in what is a very fan-crazy Blazers sports news/opinion market. You guys always offer a contrary opinion on things and I can’t remember reading anything that wasn’t of quality. A well deserved move — and your Blazers-centric contributions will be missed. Of course, we still look forward to SJ’s words here.

  • Raaaaaaaandy

    Not one crack at you “taking your talents to south beach”!? Not even titling this post “The Decision”? Oh well. Happy for you coup-a-loop, u def deserve it. Once u get that official heat twitter account goin, I’ll be sure to follow, possibly tune in for a live chat on (if the blazers aren’t playing, duh)… And finally, I am officially calling DIBS on ur season ticket seats for when the blazers come next season (suck it, SJ), … and dibs on ur couch as well while I’m there.

  • Jonathan

    Congratulations, Coup. Well deserved. I look forward to your work over at

  • Tim McGinn

    Stop by here every once in a while

  • cornplant

    way to go coup! well deserved and i am happy to see hard working talented people get their recognition. i always loved reading you guys and i look forward to a new voice on the site as well. thanks for the good insite and great laughs along the way.
    best of luck

  • Storyteller

    Coup -

    Great to hear about this opportunity for you. All the best to you, even if you are going to be working for what might now be ‘America’s most hated NBA team’….

    And thanks for deciding not to make your ‘Decision’ on a television special….

  • http://n/a Pamela

    Gonna miss you, Coup. What an exciting year you are going to have writing daily about the most watched and talked about team in the NBA. Best wishes and have fun~

  • Travis

    Thanks, Coup, for all your work on the Blazers. I’ll miss our banter on Twitter, and I’ll be sure to stop by the new site to see how things are going for you in Miami. Congrats. Sounds like a great opportunity.