Broussard: Portland on Chris Paul's list

From ESPN’s Chris Broussard, who aced the Miami coup a couple weeks ago, says this about Chris Paul:

Orlando, where he could team with superstar center Dwight Howard, is the second team on Paul’s list, which includes Dallas and then Portland, according to sources.

If they are not presented with realistic scenarios that convince Paul that New Orleans can build a contender very quickly, he’ll ask the club to begin speaking to the Knicks, Magic, Mavericks and Trail Blazers about possible trades.

Not that it really matters where CP3 wants to go, since he’s not an impending free agent, but it’s noteworthy that the Blazers are on the list with the larger markets nevertheless. Maybe all that “tampering” Kevin Pritchard did the past few years put the right thoughts in Paul’s head. Heck, maybe KP used Inception during a flight to the China Olympics.

While I still wouldn’t count on Paul being moved, much less coming to Portland, I will say this: of not only the teams listed but most teams in the league, the Blazers probably have the most balanced roster — in terms of youth, expiring contracts, talent with both cheap and long-term contracts — from which to package the correct group of assets to please the Hornets. That doesn’t mean Portland can trump any offer, just that they can offer the most appealing combination of talent, youth and financial flexibility.

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  • Nick Poust

    It’d be great to acquire him, but the cost troubles me. Portland doesn’t need him; he’s a want. And New Orleans would want a lot in return.

    He’d be running the show, but I’m not sure he has the attitude to mesh in Portland. Seems to be he’s far too competitive, yelling at his teammates with a me, me, me persona. And he’d want the ball in his hands for a majority of the time.

    Sure, it’s Chris Paul. I’d probably trade for him if Roy or Aldridge weren’t part of the package. Something tell me he’d be worth signing despite possible negatives.

    By the way, Coup, you misspelled “heck” in the last sentence of your first paragraph.

    We’ll see what happens! The rest of the offseason just got a lot more interesting!

  • hustler22

    Please go get CP3!! Paul allen you will get atleast 3 more season ticket holders right now if you do and a chance to go deep into the playoffs! For gods sake his lastname is your first! Signed Portland hasnt had the right point guard since Terry Porter!!!!!!!!!!

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