Blazers to interview Rich Cho

From Sean Meagher on Twitter:

According to 95.5 The Game, Blazers prez Larry Miller will interview OKC asst. GM Rich Cho.

Excellent, excellent choice. It always pains me to see teams ignoring all the potential GM’s waiting in lower front office positions while proven-to-be-nothing-special guys keep getting jobs. And other than possible the Spurs, there might not be any front office you want to hire from more than the Thunder right now. Just look at how they’re using cap space while so many teams waste away their flexibility this summer.

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  • Lance

    I have to agree with your statements. I prefer a guy like him, coming from the system that he is employed with, than a retread like Ferry. I never got that guy or saw what he did other than take chances on several vets. I did like Ferry’s willingness to make moves, but in the end those moves have to make you better.