Spears: Heat have had talks for Fernandez

On the tail of the massive news this morning that Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will be teaming up in Miami, Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Heat could be making a run at a couple Blazers very soon:

As a possible contingency plan if they don’t get James, the Heat have discussed pursuing the Portland Trail Blazers point guard Andre Miller in a trade, a source said. The Heat could absorb Miller’s $7 million salary with their cap space. The Heat also have had trade conversations since before the draft about sending point guard Mario Chalmers and a first-round pick to Portland for shooting guard Rudy Fernandez, a league source said. It’s possible the talks have now expanded with Heat forward Michael Beasley and Miller.

What do you think about 11.2 career PER, 34.6 career shooter from three Mario Chalmers? Would you take him back for Rudy? The other question is just what the Heat, with so few players on the roster, could offer for Andre Miller. Other than Chalmers, Beasley, a trade exception and draft picks, they don’t have a ton of assets left to them. That’s probably not enough to get a Miller deal done unless a third team is involved. Miller+Rudy for Chalmers+Beasley+Picks+Trade Exception isn’t a move I’d be jumping to do. Would you?

Also, Kevin Durant will sign a five-year extension with the Thunder. Not that that’s a surprise.

UPDATE: Jason Quick says such a deal is “unlikely”, per Andy Miller, agents for both Andre Miller and Fernandez. It’s possible the Chalmers-Blazers buzz is a holdover from Kevin Pritchard’s tenure as GM, as both KP and Chalmers are Kansas alums. That may seem like loose reasoning, but it does come into play.

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  • Nick Poust

    Either version of the trade would be a nightmare in my opinion. Trading Rudy for a PG Portland doesn’t need, or trading the only stable PG we have in an expanded deal for a dysfunctional forward that would go against our quest for “high-character” players. Oh, and one that would mess up Batum’s growth to no end.

  • Lance

    I could see it IF there was a bigger deal made next. IF Batum was part of another deal, then I could possibly see a guy like Beasley coming in. Would I make the trade mentioned above? No, just saying what thinking could be behind it.

    Another reason I don’t think it will happen is that it was said that Miami offered Beasley to Minn. for Gomes because of his contract. Portland shopped Gomes before releasing him and if they wanted Beasley that would have been the deal to get him.

  • dekko

    Why would Portland bring in the leagues current most baggage pothead?

  • Lance

    Ask their GM…oh ya, we can’t. :)

  • Randall

    Why is everyone so quick to trade Miller? Just because he has an expiring contract? And to Miami no less? The only thing they have worth trading for is picks, and they won’t be drafting too high the next few years. Besides, we kinda do need a starting PG, at least until we steal CP3 from the Hornets (and pigs fly w/o Pink Floyd interference).