Rumor: Blazers after Deng...again

Today’s uber-rumor du jour comes from Comcast SportsNet Chicago‘s Bulls reporter Aggrey Sam, who tweeted the following:

Unconfirmed speculation has Bulls putting deal in place to send Deng to Portland for Jerryd Bayless and Joel Pryzbilla.

UPDATE: This rumor supposedly originated on the OregonLive forums. Here’s a link to the original post.

The key words in all of this are ‘unconfirmed speculation’ which should have you chugging salt at an alarming rate. That being said, with the Bulls desperately attempting to get cap space, you could see where they may try this. Rumors of Deng to Portland have been going on for years, so this is nothing new. With his defensive ability and offensive skills, he would be an excellent sixth man for the Blazers…but that’s only if he can stay healthy. His injury-proneness plus the weird injury karma surrounding the Blazers is not a good combination. Also he still is not much of a shooter. You also have to question the wisdom of trading for Luol Deng after you traded for Luke Babbitt, who may not be as good but is younger and much, much cheaper.

To me this smells like a deadline deal. Portland doesn’t have to make this move right now, if they wanted to they could make this at a later date. Doing it now would only be doing the Bulls a favor, and earning the hate of the rest of the Eastern Conference.

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  • Travis

    Ugh, Deng. I wish the Deng rumors would stop. Decent player, but I don’t see why you make a move for Deng with so much young talent that needs minutes. Yeah yeah, veteran talent > young talent, I know. But really, who wants to see Deng getting Dante’s or Babbitt’s minutes? MEH.

    I can’t bear the thought of seeing Roger Mason AND Deng on the Blazers bench next year. Decent people, it seems, but both players have peaked.

  • Lance

    I have to agree. We need to condense our roster with better overall players than add more marginal players to clutter the roster. Deng makes a lot and is a marginal talent in my view. Mason, he just seems to be a Spurs kind of player.

    I have no problem adding a scorer for the bench like Mike Miller, but they need to deal at least 3 players for 1 with the 1 being a big improvement.

    With all this CP3 talk, I will go back to my original post I made somewhere else and that was Collison and Okafor for some salary relief. Collison can take over the reigns when Miller leaves, most likely after this year, and Okafor can be the real PF we are missing. Even if both come off the bench, I would like the addition.

    I am also in favor of LAM for the reported deal of Harris and Favors. Heck do both deals and then deal Miller for a shooter/scorer.

    I don’t want much…especially w/o a GM in place. :)