Woj: Blazers interested in Matthews, Farmar

Just a couple tidbits to pass from Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski‘s free agent buzz:

Portland has targeted Utah’s restricted free agent Wesley Matthews(notes), who had a surprising rookie season after going undrafted out of Marquette.

The Indiana Pacers are targeting former Lakers point guard Jordan Farmar(notes) for a one-year contract. The Portland Trail Blazers and Knicks have shown interest, too.

A guy like Anthony Morrow may sound about right, but these two names sound a bit off. A little surprised to see these two names pop up on the Blazers’ radar. Matthews shocked many with his success story of going undrafted, making the Jazz, appearing in all 82 games and starting in 48 of them. He’s a big, strong, athletic, team-first, hard-working guard but to me smells like a repeat of Martell Webster and is not much of an upgrade to the current perimeter players.

Consider this: Matthews is a restricted free agent whom the Jazz highly covet, perhaps this is a bit of cat-and-mouse to get them to sign at a higher price than they may want too ala Paul Millsap last year. I’m generally all for that but we can all agree Portland needs all the positive karma they can get.

I don’t see Farmar coming here at all. All the buzz surrounding him is that he wants to branch out and become a star on his own. Indiana would give him that opportunity…Portland would not. Also, if you’re a Blazer fan, you have to cringe at the thought of the MLE going to Farmar.

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  • Lance

    I don’t think these moves sound right…so they may be true. It sounds as if we are trying to build the best 18 man roster possible if these rumors are true. When will Portland get it, it takes the best 8 players to win in the NBA with the final 4 players being hungry for playing time and a bigger contract.

    Which one of these 3 would be a legit power forward? Unless we are looking to make a 5 for 1 trade somewhere, I can’t believe we are even wasting time talking to guys like these. Morrow is understandable IF we deal Rudy.

  • Lance

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    I am now and no more box to forget. Thanks.