Ford: Hornets pulled out of Chris Paul deal

From ESPN’s Chad Ford in his live chat:

The Blazers got close to a deal with the Hornets last week that would’ve sent Andre Miller, Joel Przybilla, Nicolas Batum, Jerryd Bayless and the 22nd pick to NO for Paul before Jeff Bower pulled out of the deal saying that their owner wasn’t ready to trade Paul. The trade they made on draft night got them out of the luxury tax, so that’s no longer the issue. The issue is whether Paul is no unhappy enough to force a trade. Personally I think the Hornets can do better than that for Paul, but it’s a viable deal.

We already had some specifics on the deal the Hornets backed out on, but thanks to Ford we now have all the details. Would any of you not have done this deal? That’s about what it would take to get an MVP candidate on a team that’s trying to shed salary. Perhaps the larger question is: Is this deal better than the Jameer Nelson + cap relief package the Orlando Magic have been rumored to be offering.

UPDATE: Ford has a story up now, which mentions that Emeka Okafor was included in the proposed deal, and that the Blazers are still pushing hard for CP3:

The Hornets no longer need to trade Paul for financial reasons. The trade they made on draft night with the Oklahoma City Thunder got them out of the luxury tax, so that’s no longer the issue.


The issue is whether Paul is now unhappy enough to force a trade. The Blazers believe he is and will continue to pursue a Paul deal. They won’t be alone.

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  • Isaac

    I like the deal except the Batum part. I’d take him off and add Rudy.

  • Lance

    Batum is the only quality player that helps NO long term so I would believe he would have to be included.

    I would have done it in a second. I have said for years that championship teams win with the best 8 man rotation and 4 very hungry players playing for playing time and new contracts (the kind that will run through walls for you). A 10-12 m,an rotation is great for the regular season, but fails in the playoffs because if yo have that many players in your rotation you probably don’t have a big differential of talent from 4-10 that is needed.

    • Coup

      I’m right there with you, Lance.

  • Jesse

    I would do it, to get an allstar you need to include someone like batum, him and bayless would actually help NO quite a bit.

  • Jesse

    so you think these talks are completely dead now?

    • Coup

      There’s no way to know. I will say this: When Boston was in talks for KG before the draft that year, people thought the deal was dead until late July rolled around and they got it done.

      I still don’t think it happens. Us knowing the details doesn’t change anything. But it’s a sign of how aggressive KP was before he was fired, and perhaps the type of deal Paul Allen is pushing for.

  • Lance

    I thought we would have to take on an additional contract like Okafor. With that said, it would still be worth it for the Blazers though the luxury tax would be big for P.A.

    Okafor would actually be much more than a throw in knowing that he actually is a PF that Portland has been missing. A big bruiser that can rebound with strength and toughness to go along with the finesse of LA and Camby. A frontcourt of Oden, Camby, LA, Babbitt, and Okafor would be a nice grouping to go against anyone in the league. Add a backcourt of Roy, Paul, Williams, and Rudy (if still around). I would like to replace Morrow with Rudy or Mike Miller for Rudy.

  • Lance

    Correction: Replace Rudy with Morrow. :)