Woj: Ferry interviewing for GM spot

From Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski:

Former Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Danny Ferry will meet with Portland Trail Blazers officials to discuss the franchise’s GM vacancy on Wednesday, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Since Yahoo! Sports reported on June 5 that the Blazers had hired a search firm to identify and feel out potential candidates, Ferry has steadily stayed near the top of Portland’s wish list.

This should make you nervous, but to be fair to Ferry, there’s no telling how different a GM can be when given a completely different roster and owner to work with. That said, all we have to go on is his history with the Cavaliers, and it’s not the most flattering list of transactions — and non moves — you could imagine.

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  • http://www.couriernewculture.blogspot.com Travis

    No, this doesn’t make me nervous. Ferry got just about everything (short of Amare) that Mike Brown and LeBron ever asked for: good shooting PG, check; Shaq, check; a deeper bench, check (Moon, Powe, Hickson, West/Parker); a legit second scorer, check (Jamison, for free). It’s not Ferry’s fault that Mike Brown’s awful offense never worked, because all the parts are there. I was pissed when Jamison went to the Cavs for nothing, since he’s one of the smartest players in the league and willing and capable to take on just about any role to win. And I kind of hated the Cavs. LeBron and Brown were the ones who came up short, in my opinion, not Ferry.

    But maybe there’s more to it. Why should we be nervous, exactly? I don’t have much faith in Allen and Vulcan right now, but the idea of Ferry as GM doesn’t bother me too much. I didn’t love the handling of the Jamison and Z trade, but it seems to me that he kept both of those players happy, even if Mike Brown didn’t treat Z well.

    What I’m more worried about right now is the assistant coach shakeup. I don’t really trust Nate’s judgement and I think Dean and Monte were able, as much as anyone, to be honest with Nate and offer up opposing/alternate ideas.

  • http://ripcityproject.com Coup

    Well, if you couldn’t tell by my other post, I’m worried about many things with this team right now, coaching included. But yes, you bring up Ferry’s best quality: he doesn’t have a stiff trigger finger. Maybe with this roster that will help, but with Allen, who knows what directions he’ll be pushed in. Maybe the best balance to PA is someone with patience and restraint. Maybe Ferry could be another Trader Bob.

    That’s what worries me about Ferry, that he seems to just make moves his owner thinks will bring wins faster. Sure, he won’t have to kowtow to someone like LeBron, but what ideas does he have of his own? Has any move he’s made struck you as creative? Is he going to know what to do with the still-existent scouting and statistics teams Portland has? Will he fire half of them, or will PA make him?

    But what makes me most nervous about Ferry is that Cleveland was one of the loosest ships in the league the past few years. So many moves he made were predictable because reporters knew what he was doing. It’s hard to take people by surprise when they already have your gameplan.

    I’m harsh on him — and he could possibly make a couple fantastic trades this summer — but the mere fact that he’s the first publicly-known interview makes me nervous about the direction Allen wants to take the front office.

  • http://www.couriernewculture.blogspot.com Travis

    I hear you. Legit concerns. But some of the questions you raise can/should be applied to any new GM, not just Ferry.

    I’ll say the Jamison move was both effective and creative, even if it didn’t help to result in a championship. He brought in one of the only guys who could have helped the team LBJ and Mike Brown messed up, and he managed to rest Z and bring him back to the Cavs in the process. That’s at least as impressive as KP’s acquisition of Marcus Camby.

    True, Cleveland appeared to be a loose ship. I put a lot of that on the culture of LeBron James, though. It felt like that team, for at least two years, was in flux because the entire organization was willing to do and spend anything (money or players) to win and keep LeBron in town. Pathetic, really, and I think the Cavs will be a stronger organization without that drama moving forward. Ferry obviously had a role in all of this, but it’s tough to say how he’ll perform in Portland, which, although Paul Allen has created a managerial mess, is really a much, much different team that has been looking long-term for the past few years. Cleveland was in Win Now Mode, and it was a crap show for it. I don’t hold it against Ferry.

    Whoever becomes the next GM: just don’t screw up, don’t move Nic, don’t overpay for free agents, make sure you’re on the same page as the head coach and the owner.

  • PS

    KP was a great GM and Tom Penn was a cap specialist and there was no real good reason to fire either of them. Paul Allen’s ego got the better of him when he made the decision to let them go. KP’s management style helped Portland make some great moves over the past 7 seasons allowing them to assemble some great players. I really hope Im wrong here but I think it will cost the team big time! Nothing we can do about it now besides hope that they get someone in place in a hurry. The moves Ferry made for the Cav’s obviously did not win them the championship nor has it secured LeBrons future with the team and the very reason he is no longer with the Cav’s. That should be a big cause for concern to our fans!!!!!!!

  • Lance

    I tend to agree with Coup regarding Ferry. He seemed to make moves other wanted him to make (owner & LeBron). Would he do the same here? If so, no thanks. Paul Allen would make a horrible GM as would Roy, so why a puppet they both can control?

    If he made all those moves on his own, I give him credit for courage. He did make some bold moves over the years despite the team making the playoffs and having good runs. That I admire. I hate GM that are content. Yes you can trade yourself out of top standings, but mre than not you can also improve and take that next step like Portland needs to make.

    I enjoyed KP and his draft antics, but when it comes down to the final assessment KP always seemed to be just that close on every deal. Just like the Paul near trade. That was his final attempt to save his job and he came up short which I believe was KP’s downfall in Allen’s eyes.