Update: Gomes release not a done deal

Here’s a quick update on the Ryan Gomes story talked about yesterday. Minutes ago, from the twitter of The Columbian’s Brian T. Smith:

#Blazers releasing Gomes is not a done deal. Team is considering trade offers, with talks ongoing.

Re-stating what Coup noted yesterday, it would be silly for Portland to not explore the possibility of trading Gomes. At the very least you have to see if that trade asset can net something. As Coup stated yesterday, Gomes’ contract has incredible value for not only those trying to shave cap space now, but also for teams who may have luxury tax issues. Either way it’s a formality that Ryan Gomes won’t be a Blazer for long.

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  • http://twitter.com/mcconnellj Jesse

    Well you have to ask, what is better, trading Gomes for a player, or having about 10 million to spend in Free Agency?

  • SJ

    Portland’s over the cap regardless. Waiving Gomes just saves Portland a little bit of change but his salary is not nearly enough to get us cap space. Especially not that kind of space. He doesn’t play a factor in Portland’s free agency, all we have is the MLE. Essentially Gomes only value to Portland is as a trade asset.

  • http://twitter.com/mcconnellj Jesse
    • http://ripcityproject.com Coup

      That article has been updated now, Jesse. Check it out again. I know where you were coming from earlier, but they just get a 500k trade exception. No cap space at all can come from Gomes.