Ford: Raptors target Rudy, Blazers after lottery pick

From ESPN’s Chad Ford:

The Raptors have had serious talks today with the Portland TrailBlazers about a deal that would send the 22nd pick and Rudy Fernandez to Toronto for the 13th pick. The Blazers have been very aggressive about getting up into the lottery, but have been reluctant to part with both Fernandez and the 22nd pick to do it.

UPDATE: From’s David Aldridge, half the league has been in talks for Rudy:

The Portland Trail Blazers continue to have discussions with several teams about reserve guard Rudy Fernandez, who has fallen out of favor with Coach Nate McMillan and has been seeking a trade for almost a year. The most serious suitors at the moment are the Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets, with Toronto offering its first-round pick, the 13th pick overall, as part of a package.

Chicago and Washington have also expressed interest in Fernandez, 25, who was acquired from Phoenix in 2007 on Draft night and signed with Portland the following summer. The Bulls would like to move their first-round pick, 17th overall, for Fernandez. The Wizards offered guard Nick Young for Fernandez but were turned down.

It’s looking like you can cross Rudy off your Blazers roster, if you haven’t already.

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  • Lance

    I hope not. I would deal Rudy for the pick, but not for our pick as well. I think that is a bit much.


    • Coup

      I’m right around there, Lance. If it’s just Rudy for the pick, that’s probably the best you’re getting for him this offseason. I don’t love anyone in that draft range, but I trust the Blazers scouting process enough that they’re targeting someone worthwhile.

  • James Lee

    If this is true the raptors would have to trade a SG back.

    • Coup

      Or just take a SG/SF with the pick.

  • Randall

    Rudy doesn’t fit in, not that it’s his fault. He’s probably worth a 1st round pick straight up, but can KP convince anyone to make that trade? Maybe Rudy and that shiny 2nd-rounder, I’d be all over that.