Ford: Wolves after Batum

From ESPN’s Chad Ford in his latest mock draft:

The Blazers rejected the Wolves’ offer of the No. 4 pick for Batum a couple of week ago.

That pick is presumably Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins. For Batum, would you have made the deal?

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  • Joe Morris

    Not in a million years. Take the “Bird in hand” with this one.

  • Jesse

    Yes, I don’t like the way we over value players, i think we are too afraid of getting burned.

  • Lance

    I don’t know if that is a plus or minus move, but more of a lateral move. Filling one spot at the expense of another so I would probably pass. With that said, I agree with Jesse above that we always over value our own players and we are afraid of getting burned. They call it the “Jermaine O’Neal” syndrome.

  • Nick Poust

    It would definitely be tempting at first, then I’d splash some cold water on my face, come to my senses, and joyously cheer that the offer was rejected. In my opinion, Batum is without a doubt one of Portland’s untouchables. He’s a 35-year old veteran mind-wise in a 21-year old body. And if they have a lot of stock on LA and Oden, and want to go after Johnson, what’s the point in trading a proven player for a project–going through the same process again?

    Kahn would try to do this, too. His attempt was smart, but overall as a GM I have no clue where his mind’s at.