Woj: Blazers will make bid for CP3

From Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, who is not exactly saying Chris Paul is available, just that the Blazers will do the fairly elementary task of making an offer for him before the draft:

The Memphis Grizzlies offered O.J. Mayo(notes) as part of a package for Paul recently, but talks went nowhere. League sources believe the New Jersey Nets are willing to part with the No. 3 pick and every player on their roster except for center Brook Lopez(notes) to obtain Paul. Also, the Portland Trail Blazers – who’ve long targeted Paul – are expected make a bid for Paul prior to the draft, a source said.

This doesn’t really tell you much of anything. Really, the Blazers should be making a bid for Paul before every draft, and every trade deadline. In fact, there should never be a time the Blazers aren’t making a bid for Paul.

So, that said, without taking this very seriously, you expect LaMarcus Aldridge would be a necessary component of a CP3 deal. Is there any one among you that wouldn’t trade LMA for CP3?

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  • Doug

    Not sure they want LMA, with West firmly in place. My guess is Batum is required to start. Throw in Miller for salary, then start adding guys from there – Rudy, Bayless, Dante – whoever, plus picks.

  • http://twitter.com/mcconnellj Jesse

    making a bid and getting a bid accepted are two very different things.

  • Lance

    I have to say that the only thing I hate about this site is that darn CAPTCHA Code below. I write something in the moment and then hit the submit button forgetting to enter the code and all written material is gone. ERRRR!

    Back to the topic. I think Blazers have the pieces to get a Paul deal done IF they are serious about trading him. LA plus bench players may work, but like mentioned above they already have West. Batum, Miller, and a Pryz salary would work if they are willing to give Batum up in the deal (I would). I would even consider Roy in a deal with spare parts for Paul especially if that has a factor on James going somewhere. Could only imagine a roster of:

    (assuming we dealt Roy, Miller, & Rudy)


    Ah,a man can dream. :)

    • http://ripcityproject.com Coup

      Yeah, sorry about that code, helps keep spam away. Have you registered for the site? I thought the code disappeared when you logged in.

      You, sir, might be the first person I’ve heard even consider trading Roy for Paul (with the James corollary, naturally). Certainly, they have the pieces to do any number of deals, though, in this hypothetical, you have to consider where the contracts would come for the James sign-and-trade.

  • Lance

    I am registered. I will just have to learn from my mistakes.

    As far as Roy foes, this question was actually mentioned a few weeks back on another site (can’t recall where though). It has been brought up by many including KP, that Roy’s long term health in the NBA may be questionable. Would rather deal LA and bodies than Roy, but I would have to strongly consider a Roy for Paul deal for this team. With Paul, and w/o Roy, maybe we could actually get a motion offense in place. Not enough balls to go around with Roy, LA, and Oden in at the same time who all are Iso players.

  • Lance

    Correction: As far as Roy goes (not foes) Ooops.

  • djbready

    Trading LMA is near impossible considering he will be a BYC July 1st, at least to cost cutting teams

  • mark

    CP3 all the way, he and Roy definitely have chemistry, see 2009 All Star Game

  • mark

    And on that note, why would you anyone trade Roy for Paul? Having both is greater than the sum of parts

  • Raaaaaaaandy

    Jason Quick hinted this morning on the radio that this was the trade that he knew KP was trying to pull off. LMA and Batum were involved, but whether it was Blazers that pulled out because they didn’t want to give up Batum, or if it was the Hornets too scared to pull the trigger, no one knows. Blazers are definitely after another (younger) proven point guard right now though, according to Quick.

    I would take Collison if they won’t give us CP3… hook us up, Monty!!

  • Lance

    Somebody questioned why would you trade Roy for Paul if you could have both? My answer is simple. Why trade for a great PG when Roy is only at his best in an Iso offense? He is not a catch and shoot guard. Miller has been a great passing guard his whole career, but Roy didn’t benefit from him being on the team. His numbers were down even when healthy. Paul likes to drive and dish or drive and score. How does that help Roy? It could help the big guys inside or an outside catch and shoot player, but not Roy.