Blazers, Warriors swap second-round picks

News just coming down from all over twitter and the internet, too many people to give credit to at once. The Portland Trail Blazers and Golden State Warriors have agreed to swap second round picks. The Blazers traded the 44th pick and cash to Golden State for the 34th pick.

For now, the Blazers have the 22nd and 34th picks in the NBA Draft. It appears as if Kevin Pritchard is looking for another steal in the 2nd round. Who could that be? Who knows.

Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress speculated the following on twitter:

Portland moves up to #34 in exchange for cash. My guess is they’re going after either Gani Lawal or Trevor Booker at that spot.

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  • Raaaaaaaandy

    Or package both picks for 1 even higher pick?

  • Lance

    People on the other site are dogging this move, but a real fan understands that high 2nd round picks are worth more than low 1st round picks because they are not guaranteed contracts making them very valued.

    I love this move. I doubt we will use it, but if we do then great. If we don’t, it has a great chance to help us move up in the first along with one of our scrubs…I mean subs. :) NJ pick would be great, Indy’s pick would be more realistic. Remember we traded with Indy last year at the draft just like we did with G.S.

    KP giving us a Christmas Blazer style.

    • SJ

      I’m not sure how people could ‘dog’ this move, I mean…it’s a win-win situation. You move up to potentially steal someone who fell through the 1st-round cracks AND you get them on a non-guaranteed, cheap, deal. If we do end up packaging it for a deal, even better.

      If the Blazers were smart they would just keep KP around solely so he could work the Draft.

    • Coup

      Yeah, this is an un-doggable move. Those early 2nd rounders are gold these days, though it’s unclear whether they might be more or less valuable with the CBA negotiations looming.

  • Raaaaaaaandy

    More quotes from Jason Quick today on 95.5 The Game. Said if KP pulls off what Quick knows KP is trying to pull of, he’ll save his job.