Quick: Greg Oden Update

From The Oregonian’s Jason Quick:

“I like where his head is at,” McMillan said. “We talked about where his mind is, and what he needs to do to get back, and the thing is, he know how to get there. But I liked what I heard.”

Oden is scheduled to start running in early to mid-July, and should start playing 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 by mid August. The goal is to have him ready to participate in 5-on-5 action the first week of September, when many of the Blazers players return to Portland for informal scrimmages.

Well, timetables are always good. Without getting too TMZ-ey, I’ll just point out that Oden was in Los Angeles a little more than a week ago, where he attended the premier of The Karate Kid and was also spotted at the nightclub Hyde (not sure which venue) by a number of NBA writers in town for the NBA Finals. Supposedly he was in L.A. primarily to see a knee specialist, but this has not been confirmed by the team, nor is it clear whether he was seeing a specialist about his left patella fracture, or if it was more of a fact-finding mission in search of preventative measures, as both Oden and his agent have mentioned doing. Nothing to read much into, just something I thought I’d pass along.

UPDATE: From Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears, who has a little more about why Oden was in L.A.:

Prodded by his agent, Oden recently met with a nutritionist in Los Angeles to improve his diet. He also has tried to improve his mental outlook after playing in just 82 of a possible 246 games in his first three seasons because of injuries.

“I’m being open-minded to a lot more things,” said Oden, who is eligible for a contract extension this summer. “I’ve got to stop being stubborn. There are a lot of things I’ve tried and I keep getting injured.”

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