Rumor: Rudy Fernandez says ‘yes’ to Real Madrid

From HoopsHype’s rumors page this morning is a quick translated blurb from a Marca article on Rudy Fernandez. Here is the blurb, on the rumors page which sends you to the original piece:

“Rudy Fernandez has said ‘yes’ to Real Madrid if he’s able to get a buyout from the Blazers.

Real would pay Rudy $2.8 million per season.”

Now, this is the off-season and rumors tend to run rampant. I’m sure many of you know exactly what to do with these Marca articles so go ahead and chug your salt now. Remember it was just 12 days ago that Fernandez denied having any contact with major Spanish clubs, which would include both Real Madrid and Barcelona. If I’m not mistaken the Marca article makes it sound as if Rudy wants to be the ‘cornerstone’ of Real Madrid. ‘No contact’ to ‘wanting to be a cornerstone’ is quit the leap for me. Also, just to entertain the idea, I can’t imagine the Blazers simply buying Rudy out. He has trade value and consider how Portland didn’t buy Sergio out and he was screaming to get out of town. I’m just as apt to believe this is the work of an agent or perhaps Real Madrid making a push moreso than Rudy. However, the news is worth passing along. There is definitely something to be said about the fact that more and more things pertaining to Fernandez come out.

UPDATE: Rudy “rebuked” the “report” this afternoon, which you can find here. I’m using quotation marks so much, I might just find a different font to use whenever writing about Rudy rumors, and then put it in ITALICS:

Rudy Fernandez slammed down the report published today by Marca regarding his transfer to Real Madrid for the next three seasons. The Spanish guard said at Rac 1: “I laughed when I read the news on Marca. I am still a Portland Trail Blazers player”.

And the world keeps turning…

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  • PrincessSB

    *rolls eyes*

  • Coup

    I believe that’s the appropriate reaction, for all parties.

  • http://n/a Pamela

    Honestly, the way Rudy’s (not really) been playing lately, who cares if he leaves? All I’d like to say to him is, “Adios.”

    • abc

      Yes, probably a lie. Rudy would be happier playing in the NBA.The only question is whether he is playing in Portland or in another NBA team with a better (less conservative)coach.

  • kag

    so is rudy leaving or not if so i am so sad i am rudys biggest fan an is so sad that he is leaving.i love u rudy

    • Coup

      It’s all unsubstantiated rumor, Kag. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he was traded.

  • pgv

    never believe anything say. Never!! they`re creating a curtain of smoke. they`re madrid`s supporters, and madrid has been eliminated last week from playoffs so, they need to invent something, they do that whenever madrid loses

  • Nick Poust

    I would be shocked if Fernandez is with the Blazers next season. Marca’s full of crap, but there is something there. Rudy isn’t where he wants to be, that’s for certain.

    I look for him to either be traded as part of a deal that moves Portland up in the draft, or as part of a separate deal for future picks, or a guard or center.

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