Philadelphia meets with Monty Williams

Just passing this along from earlier, both Geoffrey C. Arnold of the Oregonian and are reporting that the Philadelphia 76ers met with Trail Blazer assistant Monty Williams about their vacancy at head coach. Here’s what 76er President and GM Ed Stefanski had to say about Williams:

“Monty has proven to be a valuable asset on the bench in Portland,” Stefanski said. “He has a wealth of experience both as an assistant coach and as a player in this league.”

Gotta love the GM speak from Stefanski. Monty’s stock is clearly sky high considering he is also talking to New Orleans. Now, before you get to sad remember Philadelphia has been interviewing just about everyone and their mom for this job. I mean they even interviewed Thunder Dan Majerle on the same day, no need to panic yet. It just looks like Blazer fans should start prepping for the inevitable.

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