Kelly Dwyer on the Blazers

From Ball Don’t Lie’s Kelly Dwyer, who has Portland’s 2009-10 season eulogy and takes a very honest perspective:

Injuries, as you no doubt already know, are the first thing that has to be brought up when discussing the Portland Trail Blazers. They’re the reason that this team couldn’t throw itself into the ring amongst the championship hopefuls this season.

And, moving forward, they’ll likely be the reason why the Blazers don’t contend from here on out. Because as freak as some of these maladies are, rehab, and approximations (as opposed to full restorations) have to be taken into account.

I recommend reading the whole thing. It might not all be things you’ll enjoy hearing, but I’d be surprised if you disagreed with much. This team is probably going to come down to health, Oden and Aldridge. That’s just the way it is, and I think most people have accepted it.

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  • Pat

    Every team has to face that challange. I believe that With the good work ethic and focus on basics and getting /staying healthy. This team can be the at the top of the NBA. Time will tell. They need to work on continuity of play (styles of play when Miller and RoyB are in versis when Bayless and Rudy are in) This if used correctly would create for the Trailblazers which I believe is what they need to keep other teams of balance.