A concise Bill Simmons on Roy

From ESPN’s Bill Simmons, do with this what you will:

80. Portland’s brain trust
I tweeted it at the time and I’ll write it again: Allowing Brandon Roy to play that soon in the Phoenix series is the kind of short-term, short-sighted decision you make when your front office is in complete disarray. It was Roy’s job to claim he could play, and it was Portland’s job to say, “We can’t take the risk, especially with our injury history over the past 35 years and the way our medical staff has blown some of its decisions these past couple of years. Athletes get hurt when they’re slightly out of shape and don’t quite trust their bodies yet. We don’t care that you’ve been cleared; we’re not winning the title this year, anyway. Practice with us for a few days and, if it goes well, we’ll bring you back for Game 6.” Any franchise that has its basketball people and owners on the same page plays it that way.

All I’m going to say is, had the Tom Penn situation not gone down like it had, would people be putting Roy’s playing on a fractured front office? No. It’s just an easy talking point. No matter how anyone in that organization feels personally about one another, I seriously doubt they’re going to let that affect a decision concerning someone’s career. There are valid arguments for why Roy shouldn’t be playing, and I’m sure the front office considered all of them, whether they arrived at the correct decision or not.

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