Nate McMillan places third in COY voting

According to the NBA, Oklahoma City’s coach, Scott Brooks, has won the 2010 Coach of the Year award. Nate McMillan, on the other hand, came in third, earning nine first-place votes. Here’s the breakdown:

Coach, Team
3rd Pts

Scott Brooks, Oklahoma City        71        39        8        480
Scott Skiles, Milwaukee                   26        54        21      313
Nate McMillan, Portland                    9        9        35        107

Looks just fine to me, with regards to Nate. Skiles had a pretty good case for winning, but the Thunder’s surprising season is exactly the type of year that earns its coach this award. Them’s the breaks. McMillan was still recognized by many for a job well done, so no need to get upset over this. Spilled milk, let’s call it.

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