Blazers play Phoenix: First-Round Playoff Schedule

From the NBA. And yes, you are reading that correctly, Game 3 is only broadcast on NBATV. Games 1 and 2 have been changed since the original post. They are now correct.

REVISED Phoenix vs. Portland:

Game 1 – Sun  April 18  Portland at Phoenix     7:30PM  10:30PM ESPN
Game 2 – Tue  April 20  Portland at Phoenix     7:00PM   10:00PM  NBATV
Game 3 – Thu  April 22  Phoenix at Portland     7:00PM   10:00PM  NBATV
Game 4 – Sat  April 24  Phoenix at Portland     1:30PM  4:30PM  TNT
Game 5 * Mon  April 26  Portland at Phoenix     TBD     TBD     TBD
Game 6 * Thu  April 29  Phoenix at Portland     TBD     TBD     TBD
Game 7 * Sat  May 1     Portland at Phoenix     TBD     TBD     TNT

For those of you worried about that NBATV game, it *should still be broadcast locally on KGW.

UPDATE 2: Tuesday’s game has now been moved to NBATV. The Denver-Utah game that night was originally slated for NBATV, but now Portland plays back-t0-back games on the channel. From this, you can infer that the NBA or ESPN or TNT considers the Utah-Denver series to be better for ratings than Blazers-Suns.

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  • Travis

    Wait, wait, wait. So I could watch EVERY SINGLE REGULAR SEASON Blazers game, but I can’t watch the game on Thursday. In Portland. I have Comcast. This is a fucking crime, Coup.


  • Coup

    NBAtv is just the national broadcast. If you’re in Portland, you should still get a local broadcast, especially with Comcast.

  • Travis

    Okay. Sorry to freak out. I’m in Corvallis, but I have the same Comcast service.

  • Tom

    Be thankful if you can’t see the beating the suns are about to give you guys

  • Travis

    It’s on KGW, so I’ll get to see the whole series, Tom. All six games, four Blazers wins.

  • Tom

    well congrats on being able to watch ur home team in ur own area, that sounds like a minor victory with it in self i guess in portland, 6 games? come on now i understad ur a portland fan but come on lets be real here u guys will be lucky to last 4

  • Tom

    just having some fun with ya, should ve a good series all in all looking forward to it

  • Phx-1

    Do Portland fans honestly think their team has a chance? Lets get real Blazer fans, Phoenix has scorched two top teams in two nights without Lopez. Do Miller, Alridge, Bayless, or any of the other lackeys provide a fighting chance?

  • SJ

    I think we’re just really, really, really happy we don’t have to play the Jazz.

  • Greg Stink

    Roy’s injury may give just enough cover for Allen to fire KP: All the gimpy players he drafted. And even when they aren’t injured, they are pretty boring to watch. Non-fastbreakin’, forever jumpshootin’ team.

  • pigpen

    to tom up there… 6 games? lucky to last 4? the suns already blew their home court advantage and we dont even have our star. anyways, ill be tuning in here in portland, whats funny is most pheonix ppl dont give an s, theyre more worried about hockey right now. they cant even sell out their arena. RIP CITYYYY

  • Tom

    lets be honest pigpen we played so badly the first game there was no way we should of won and the sad part is we still almost did. should be a entertaining series but the suns should take this series, good season partland congrats on making it as far as u did but its over

  • Tom

    you guys are gonna wish you had played utah by the time were done with you, thats 2 blow outs in a row dont worry portland fans its almost over

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