Updated Blazer Playoff Scenario

Ok, so by virtue of Dallas’ 96-89 victory over San Antonio, Dallas has clinched the #2 seed while the Spurs are banished to the #7 seed. I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure that means win, lose, or draw Portland will be the #6 seed. Seeing as how Denver is locked into either the #4 or #5 seed depending on this Phoenix/Utah game…essentially we get the winner of this contest.

Currently, Phoenix leads Utah 45-31 wit ha little over 5 minutes left in the second quarter. This is the current playoff scenario:

Blazers play Phoenix: if Phoenix defeats Utah.

Blazers play Utah: if Utah defeats Phoenix.

Super simple right? No go find whatever orange apparel you have, beat your chest like the Gorilla and cheer for the Suns to pull this out so we don’t face the Jazz in the first round.

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