Blazers, Warriors Pre-Thoughts

We don’t need to discuss this actual game. We aren’t exactly sure if any players are going to have minutes limitations, or if everyone is even going to dress. It could wind up being an extended tryout for Patrick Mills, who knows. You’ll need to be scoreboard watching tonight, and here are the possible scenarios:

Blazers play Dallas:

-Blazers win and San Antonio beats Dallas and Utah beats Phoenix.
-Blazers lose and San Antonio beats Dallas and Phoenix beats Utah.

Blazers play Phoenix:

-Blazers win or Spurs lose and Phoenix beats Utah.

Blazers play Utah:

-Blazers lose and San Antonio beats Dallas and Utah beats Phoenix
-Blazers win and Dallas beats San Antonio and Utah beats Phoenix
-Blazers cannot play Utah if Phoenix beats Utah

The Nuggets and Lakers are already out of the picture, so if you prescribe to the notion that the Blazers want to avoid Utah at all costs (you should), then it’s alright to be a Phoenix Suns fan tonight. Don’t worry about what the Blazers are doing, as there are plenty of options whether they win or lose, and in fact they have more options should they win.

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  • SJ

    Thanks for giving me a headache bro.

  • SL

    What happens if the blazers lose and phoenix wins?

  • Coup

    Depends on what San Antonio does. Blazers lose and Spurs win and Suns win, then Portland gets the 7 seed and plays Dallas. Blazers lose, Spurs lose and Suns win, Portland gets 6 seed and plays Phoenix.

  • Jim

    Dallas has the tiebreaker over Phoenix. So if “Blazers win and San Antonio beat Dallas and Phoenix beats Utah”, Blazers will play Phoenix at #3 not Dallas.

    If the Suns win, the only way the Blazers play the Jazz is if they lose and San Antonio wins. So yeah, we are all definitely Suns fans tonight.

  • Coup

    Good call, Jim. Missed that. Had it backwards with Utah and Phoenix.