Lakers Sequence of Dreams

Just for fun, here’s a clip of the three-call sequence that benefited the Lakers last night and almost cost the Blazers the game — you know, aside from a couple head scratchers from Martell Webster and Andre Miller. Again, don’t get too worked up about this as the Lakers will usually be on the 60 side of 60-40 officiating in the playoffs. This is mostly for entertainment value and somewhat for historical record. Keep an eye on the sideline ref during and after the Vujacic charge and convince me that he wasn’t signaling a blocking foul first.

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  • hp slate

    The Lakers got some serious problems right now and it doesn’t look like they are about to fix them anytime soon. Portland won without Brandon Roy and still beat the Lakers.

  • Ryan Kane

    1) The Blazers beat the Lakers. You have every right to be happy about that.
    2) All three of these calls were correct. Who cares if the sideline ref started to call a block first? It would have been the wrong call, and you can clearly see that. Webster was nowhere near set when Fisher ran through him. Webster slid over in front of Fisher. Kobe took a last second change of direction to the side, avoiding the charge. Watch the plays again and stop complaining. Your boys won the game fair and square- and it WAS close even though the Lakers played like absolute crap (the norm, lately, of course).

  • Coup

    Who is complaining?