Blazers 77, Mavericks 83 Twitter Thoughts

Due to a series of strange blackouts in my area last night, I have yet to see any more than the last seven minutes of last night’s loss. While I get to it now, here are some of your Twitter Thoughts. I’m sure you can guess what the most popular topic was:

@ichabodmedia: refs do have the capability to control a game from getting out of control and they did not do that early.

@Bullpenguin: Actually, I think the crowd did pretty well considdering. A couple people out of line by throwing things. not bad.

@_BlazerNation_: I only saw the last 5 minutes & our guys let the calls get to them and had a chance to come back but didn’t capitalize on it.

@timweakland: follow Mauer to his bookies, I want to know just how much cash he pulled in tonight!

@travismargoni: People will say #Blazers lost composure, but they got no respect from #Mavs or refs. Bring on DAL in the playoffs. Please.

@strayts: loved the courtside fan getting ejected for voicing, although profanely, what was actually happening.

@Ell_21: refs let the game get out of control, blazers couldnt handle it.

@alexjsteele: If I was a casual viewer tuning into this game, I couldn’t tell u who the franchise/max contract player was.

@LakerJAD: looked like the blazers lost thier cool tonite, can they handle playoff pressure?

@Debra31098: I am sad with the loss….with the refs…with the fans…with the teams response to the calls…you can’t let the refs win.

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