Kevin Pritchard Press Conference

Ben Golliver from Blazersedge has the audio and the transcript. Here’s Kevin Pritchard talking:

Larry is a great President. I think it’s been, in some articles, that we’re not connected. That’s not right. I don’t like that. I don’t like when I see things written that aren’t correct. We have a wonderful organization. We’re a family.  Do we have bumps in the road? Absolutely. We don’t always agree on everything. I’ve told you guys this. I think what makes a great organization isn’t that you disagree it’s how you come together after you disagree.  We’re in this together. We want to win. We want to win at the highest level. I want the focus off of this and on the team. This team deserves our focus.

Check back at their site for Ben’s updated quotes. My thoughts on this right now are mostly that there was a strange power shift going on, with Pritchard essentially defending himself and Larry Miller speaking as the voice of the organization. When Miller was asked about KP’s contract, he said that would be evaluated when the season is over. Nothing against Miller here, but from the things we’ve heard, he might need to be evaluated just the same. In fairness, lets remember Miller can’t outright say “We’ll give KP his deal”, otherwise he loses leverage in those negotiations.

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