Blazers still interested in Tyrus Thomas?

Via Ken Berger at CBS Sports:

After acquiring Marcus Camby from the Clippers for Steve Blake, Travis Outlaw and cash, the Trail Blazers may just be getting started. A person familiar with the team’s thinking told that Portland remains active in trade discussions and has targeted Tyrus Thomas in a secretive bid to acquire a second frontcourt player for the stretch run.

The Blazers have kept in close contact with Bulls officials regarding Thomas, and the acquisition of Camby has not dampened their interest, a source said. They may need a third team to facilitate a deal since they sent their two most significant expiring contracts to the Clippers for Camby.

Well now, that is interesting. I’ve already stated my position that acquiring Thomas on the cheap would be a great low-risk high-reward move and would make this a real A+ of a trade deadline. Thomas makes $4.7 million this season, and the only players making money in that area on Portland are Martell Webster and Greg Oden. Oden isn’t being traded, and Outlaw’s departure probably secures Webster’s spot at least for the time being, so, like Berger mentioned, the Blazers would need a third team to help match up contracts. My guess is, if the rumor is true, Pritchard is trying to take a stab at Thomas with a package of either Pendergraph or Cunningham with a draft pick and Juwan Howard, with the hopes that Howard would then be bought out and could return. Doesn’t seem likely, but it would be very much worth the effort in bringing in another team.

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