Rumor: Blazers offer Blake/Outlaw for Camby

Via Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski:

This time, Blake has been offered with Travis Outlaw(notes) to the Los Angeles Clippers for center Marcus Camby(notes), a league source told Yahoo! Sports.

It’s also believed that the Blazers will add cash to the bid. All three players have expiring contracts, so it would likely take an additional ingredient – cash and or a second-round draft pick – to convince the Clippers to give up Camby for this package.

Of the two rumors today, I prefer the Tyrus Thomas one because he offers a higher chance of adding something in the long term, as I doubt the Blazers would be re-signing Camby this summer (though getting him on the cheap would be a heck of a deal). Woj also mentions that the Clippers would want to send Sebastian Telfair along in this deal, which I see zero chance of happening, partially for obvious reasons, and partially because there’s not much point in bringing back another meh PG.

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  • Gudmund

    Camby perfectly fills a need on this team. Thomas is more of a let’s-throw-him-at-the-wall-and-see-if-he-sticks kind of trade, which seems like a bad move for this team right now.

  • Coup

    Why a bad idea when the reward could be greater? Isn’t a lost season the perfect time to take a risk? That said, Camby would fill many needs of the current roster, I agree.

  • Gudmund

    It’s the “could” part of the equation that is troubling. And the reason I say this is not because of the injuries, but rather because of the growing pains the team went through with the Miller signing. Seems like the team psyche has been on the edge of a proverbial cliff for much of the season. Now that a lot of kinks have been ironed out, I think potentially moving the team back toward the cliff (especially with LMA’s fragile ego) would be a bad move. The reward is not great enough here to warrant the risk.

  • Coup

    You make a strong point, but I don’t like reading too much into psyche or insecurity. If Tyrus could mess people up that much, then the team has problems beyond a trade or two.

  • Steve

    Honestly, I hate the tyrus thomas idea. Think about it, he’s pissed off right now because Taj Gibson took his starting spot…so whats gonna happen in Portland if he doesnt start? Plus bringing Sasha Vujacic in is something that would piss me off no matter if we bring back LeBron James.
    Camby makes perfect sense. It gives the blazers an opportunity to compete right now, without giving up too much. Since Camby has an expiring deal, we could then get that money for next season and possibly sign a FA.Plus with blake and outlaw gone, nate mcmillan doesnt have to go to his “play who is hot” mentality. The more we play Bayless at point, the better he will get. The same goes for Batum and Martell.

  • Coup

    Blazers would be trading two expiring deals, so Camby wouldn’t get them any more under the cap.