Brandon Roy is an All-Star

Roy will make his third appearance on the All-Star team, health provided, per Adrian Wojnarowski & Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports:

The West includes the New Orleans’ Chris Paul(notes), the Lakers’ Paul Gasol, Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant(notes), Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki(notes), Memphis’ Zach Randolph(notes) and Portland’s Brandon Roy(notes).

You know, when a guy keeps making the team like this, it’s easy to start taking it for granted. I remember being absolutely ecstatic when Roy garnered enough love to make it the first time and I’m almost as happy about it three years later. When you count your hoops blessings, don’t forget Roy.

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  • whitty

    Looks like David Lee is going to be taking a mini-vacation.

    Not really upset he’s not there, though — the guy with a real complaint is Josh Smith. Top 10 WARP, Top 20 EWA, Top 20 adjusted plus-minus… he deserves a nod. I’m not sure who you take off the East roster to put him on, but he should be there.