Shocking news that Bayless is frustrated

Not really. Ben Golliver breaks down a dispute between whether Jerryd Bayless, in an interview with the Oregonian’s Jason Quick, indicated fellow point guards Steve Blake and Andre Miller in a disparaging manner, or if Bayless was simply referring to the playing time of other young guards throughout the league.

Maybe we’ll find out, maybe we won’t. Either way, nobody can really be surprised that Bayless is a little frustrated given the situation. Like I said in my Re-Thoughts of the Milwaukee loss, there are a number of issues Portland is dealing with, and rather than speculating and analyzing what is going on, it’s probably best just to give the topic a little space and see what the team can do with one day off.

Besides, we are bound for two months of speculation from here on out now that the Dec. 12 15 deadline for trading free agents has passed is about to pass. Let’s enjoy the (relative) quiet while we have it.

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  • Travis

    Agree, agree, we should take a day to breathe.

    But I want to make this really clear: I think this is dirt on Nate’s hands. I said a few nights ago that this was going to create chemistry problems and cost Nate some much-needed trust from players and fans. (And, if I can read Dean’s face and hear it in written comments, it can cost him some trust with his own staff.)

    I’ve never been real critical of Nate, and I know there is a small portion of fans out there who’ve called for his head in the last year. Only now, with this situation, am I really upset with Nate.

    If Roy truly indicated that he’s more comfortable with Blake, it’s still in Nate’s hands to correct the situation, to guide Roy.

    Whatever the case, the only person on the Blazers performing worse than Blake is Nate, and we need him to get on track with this.

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