Blazers 87, Pistons 81 Re-Thoughts

Time constraints are limiting me tonight so we won’t get into any full fledged analysis. I know plenty of people will freak out about the Blazers almost blowing a 20-point lead, but it actually didn’t look as bad as it sounds. Portland strung a couple flukey, odd plays together in the fourth quarter and the bench wasn’t able to hold the lead. Yes, that leaves concerns about the bench, but none that haven’t been voiced by many, so we won’t dig into it.

I couldn’t believe, however, that Steve Blake was still in the game in those final few minutes. I’ve been asking for much more than what Rudy’s been giving us — and he was pretty good tonight despite poor shooting — but I just don’t see what Blake is adding at that point in the game that Rudy can’t provide and then some.

I do want to single out LaMarcus Aldridge not only for his play tonight, but in the last week or so. He’s getting dirty, scoring more in the paint, banging more than he used to and rebounding. That first week of the season was worrisome, but I think we can all say that LMA has definitely kept improving.

This wasn’t a big win but, if this were last year, it would be marked as an important one for showing us that our “young” Blazers had grown up enough to regain control of a game. Now, it doesn’t matter so much. It’s just a win.

P.S. Might have some down time waiting for interviews tomorrow so I might try to update this post with further thoughts then.

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  • Don

    Coup, I normally agree with most of your points…I have to disagree this time. This 4th quarter was ugly, and there is a very clear reason why. It’s documented here…

    I’m hopeful that the Blazers recognize that the 4th quarter is not the time to be hoisting up jump shot after jump shot. When you look at the break down of shot selection in the 4th, you’ll see why this is something that has to be addressed and soon.

    The good news? This is something very easy to correct.

    The bad news? I don’t hear the Blazers addressing it.

  • Sam Chan

    I’m so glad i wasn’t the only one who noticed the weaknesses in Blake. The media was jumping all over him after he hit some big shots down the stretch but he was having panic attacks all over the place when they put the press on him. Stats show 3 TO’s but they were HORRIBLE TO’s. He really needs to go, because he also gets torched on defense. It’s almost to the point where he makes Nash look good.

    It was ridiculous that Rudy and Roy were the ones to carry the ball when PG is supposed to be one of our biggest depth positions. After all, we had last year’s 50+ win starter coming back, a bonafide starter calibre pg signed, and a stud in the making on the bench. Yet we have to go to our scorers to handle the ball in crunch time? ugh.

  • Travis

    Good thoughts on this game, Coup.

    I’m so with you on Blake. And dammit, we clearly need to keep voicing this, because Nate’s not hearing it or he’s ignoring it, and as public pressure grows, the microscope zooms in on him. Blake’s defense is just plain awful, night in and night out. He’s a spot-up shooter and that’s about it. He’s turning it over a lot, not hitting all that many big shots, and he’s a liability on D. Blake’s presence in the starting lineup is wearing out Brandon Roy, and that’s a big deal. This CANNOT keep up. Martell should be starting at the 3, Blake to the bench, and Rudy should be getting a lot of Blake’s 4th quarter minutes. I’d like to see more Bayless and less Blake, too, because JB’s defense has been pretty sound. His shooting isn’t bad, either. I like what the kid can bring.

    I’m sick of what Blake’s bringing.

  • Coup